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My Posta : Send Letters within Kenya
Posta offer a complete range of mail services for sending your letters and documents within Kenya from ordinary delivery to registered (secure) delivery - we help you keep in touch.

Ordinary delivery
You can send any mail item to over 800 Post offices in Kenya. Be rest assured it will get there quickly, safe and secure. The item is delivered to the respective Post Box within 24hrs in the same town and within two days to the rest of the country.

Express delivery
When you need to send a letter urgently, Express Post guarantees next working day delivery within the Express Post network.

Registered (Secure) delivery
The service to use when sending important letters or documents. Registered Post gives you an added level of security.

When you are sending valuable or important documents within Kenya or internationally, Registered Post gives you an added level of security.

Benefits of using Registered Post
Registered Post gives you:
  • proof that the article was sent (when lodged at the post office counter)
  • proof that the article was received - a signature is obtained on delivery
  • a unique identification number for every article
Please note: All Registered Post articles must be lodged over the counter at an Posta Outlet for proof of posting.

Addressing guidelines
An address is a code used to express the fixed location of a house, business or other building on the earth's surface. Addresses have several uses:
  • They provide a means of physically locating a building, especially in a city where there are many buildings and streets.
  • They identify buildings as the end points of a postal system
  • They provide a social identity/label: someone's address can have a profound effect on their social standing
  • They serve as parameters in the statistics collection, especially in census - taking.
Postal Codes
Postcode system of addressing mail was introduced in Kenya in 2001 with the aim of improving the quality of mail distribution. The postal codes are designed to facilitate faster sorting and processing of mail. A majority of consumers of postal services use the postcode system, as subscribers of Postal letter boxes, to facilitate receipt of mail. In Kenya, the postcode is a numeric code that identifies areas and specific post offices within the country and towns for purposes of simplifying mail distribution by the Postal Corporation of Kenya.

Correct Postcode Usage
The postcodes for each and every post office in Kenya are listed in the postcode directory. When addressing correspondence, it is critical that both the postcode and the name of the post office appear in the address in order for the mail to be delivered as fast as possible. Further, the post code should be written immediately below the name of the post office of delivery as shown below to avoid occasional confusion with box numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of postage for a standard letter?
The cost of postage for the basic letter (small, standard-sized items), delivered from anywhere to anywhere in Kenya, is currently 25 shillings.

What do I do if I receive incorrect mail at my street address?

If you receive mail that is addressed to your address but it is not for you or anyone who uses the address, please mark it as "return to sender - unknown at this address". Hand the item to our staff at any Posta Outlet for return.

If the mail is addressed to a different address and has been delivered to you incorrectly, hand the item to our staff at any Posta Outlet. In this case there is no need to write anything on the envelope.

If this is a regular or ongoing issue, please let us know so that we can investigate the matter further. You can provide us with feedback via our Customer Care & Support form.

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